Opinions of a Peace Faker

The more that folks mention that they read my blog, the less I actually say--as in actual opinions. I'm a "peace-faker" at heart. Even though I have VERY strong opinions about things, I often hesitate to share them for fear of rocking the boat, or insulting people. Today, however, I am going to share this observation, because it kind of tickles me.

The thought of the day is the Bible and the "gifting" of Bibles. I am drowning in Bibles and realize that this is such a blessing and freedom that many believers don't enjoy. What I cannot understand is why Bibles are so often gifted to people in recognition of milestones or achievement.

I had a Bible as a child, then I made a profession of faith and joined the church and was given a Bible, then I was interested in a more of a study Bible, so my parents bought me a Bible I really wanted. Then, I graduated from high school and my church gave me another Bible (were they trying to tell me something?), then I was given a copy of the Reformation Study Bible (which I really wanted), and someone else gave me a slimline purse copy of the KJV. By the time I was twenty, I had six Bibles to my name and only two which were truly used with frequency.

I see the purpose of having a study Bible and access to multiple translations, but just gifting and handing them out for every milestone seems redundant. At least ask if the person needs one or would prefer a commentary or concordance!

At the hospital, the Gideons always come by with a NT/Psalms/Prov for our newborns, which is soon supplanted by the one our church gives every baby born (a sweet, thoughtful gesture--I am NOT complaining!), meaning that at birth, our kids are already in possession of two partial Bibles.

Did I mention that someone gave me a gift bag when Miss A was born containing a Bible--for me!

Is someone trying to tell me something?

My favorite instance is when someone memorizes the Westminster Confession of Faith or the Shorter/Longer Catechism--and is given a Bible. You would think a person who had tackled that would be in possession of Scripture already---just recently a Seminary student at church successfully memorized one of the above and was given a copy of the Bible. I felt like the unspoken message was, "wow, Son, you've really impressed us with your interested in the summary of Reformed doctrine, now how about you take a look at where it all came from? You'll need this in Seminary. " Now, I know that wasn't really what was being communicated, but it did tickle me.

This, dear readers, is an honest and surely flawed opinion from a recovering Peace Faker--clearly suffering from First World issues.

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