This amendment is raising lots of questions and thoughts. I have some, too. I don't claim logical inerrancy or to have fully thought things through and I certainly don't expect those with opposing worldviews to agree with me, but here goes.

1. Name calling and labeling will not win ANYONE over to your side.

2. In the same note, attacking the people and not the issue does nothing for you. Additionally, passionate rants about "liberal murders" or "ignorant church-going people" don't advance your viewpoint with the opposite side.

3. Scare tactics are rampant and unfortunately, seem to work.

4. As a Christian, I believe God is the giver of life. He opens and closes the womb. Why pray if he isn't. I believe that NO life is a mistake.

5. As a believer, I HATE abortion. I hate murder and abuse and injustice, too. I daily pray for God to open the eyes of those who perform abortions, abuse the helpless and commit atrocities. My prayer is that if God will not open their eyes and stop their hands, that he would smite them.

6. We stopped using the "pill" because even if there was the REMOTEST chance that it is an abortifacent or causes miscarriages we wanted nothing to do with it. Honestly, if this amendment outlaws some types of "birth control", then so be it.

7. Here's the thing about sex. Yes, it can be great. It can also really mess you up--it is both good and dangerous. However, the thing about sex is it creates babies. God intended sex for the pleasure of one man and one woman and to create babies. Sex generally makes babies. If you do not want to make a baby--as in really, truly consider a baby to be a "parasite", then maybe you should consider not having sex. Or if that is too hard, have your tubes tied, and get a hysterectomy.

8. I don't think that all forms of birth control are bad, but the attitude behind them can be. See, fertility is not a guarantee. How often do we fight, fight, fight conception only to discover infertility? I beg you to consider the attitudes of your heart regarding children. They are a blessing, not a burden (or a "parasite" as I recently saw on FB).

9. It requires self-control to not have sex, to practice abstinence, to wait. It's hard to expect people who have been taught that they are just another type of animal to believe that they can exert the self-control to not act like their fellow animals and go at it.

10. You may have made a mistake, but the child concieved is not. I know so many people (and have a LOT of family members) who were unexpected and unplanned. I thank God that they chose life.

11. I pray that we one day look on this time of legal abortion in our country with the same disbelief as we do when we consider racism, genocide, the holocaust and other atrocities.

12. I realize that the issue of rape is so, so touchy--and HARD. However, consider that the child conceived is still one half yours. It is challenging to think beyond the horrible circumstances and think that God can do amazing things with a pregnancy caused by rape, BUT HE CAN. God exists beyond time and space and his ways are unfathomable.

13. Do I want the government to excessively regulate what I can and cannot do? Not particularly. Am I okay with the government banning the sale of something that is an abortifacent and outlawing all abortion? Yes.

14. We who are pro-life, need to expand our reach beyond protecting unborn children. We need to labor to help the helpless, the abused, the orphaned and widowed.

15. Don't be misled. Despite what the billboard on Woodrow Wilson says, the personhood amendment does not guarantee protection for chicken eggs. Only human life.

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