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round button chicken

This is a fun link-up. I like how they subtitle it,
"capturing the context of contentment in everyday life."


Fall mums, Pittosporum and Wandering Jew.


This amazing plant is Perilla and when you wrap a few Perilla leaves around a Vietnamese eggroll, your tastebuds will rejoice and you will be happy.


Johnny accidentally hit the accelerator and the Gator took off as I snapped the picture. We were both surprised.


I was not joking about the laundry situation.
It is dire and real. : )

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Misty said...

That acceleration photo is hysterical! Sorry to see the laundry pile up but isn't it nice to know it all gets done eventually. Good luck!

*kate said...

I love the driving picture :)
And our laundry does that piling up this too... and here I am reading blogs instead of tackling it ;-)

Holly@ThreeSidedWheel said...

You mean laundry isn't supposed to do that in a house? Gee-- I never knew :) Thanks for sharing-- visiting from the link up!

Rosie said...

I've never heard of Perilla - must investigate!
The acceleration picture is hilarious. He looks so surprised!

Lisa said...

Great pictures, Paula - short, sweet and to the point! Love the "car" photo! Hilarious.