What's going on around here

1. We found out baby #4 is a girl!! We are so thrilled. Now onto picking out a name. I like old-fashioned and odd, quirky names. Fortunately, Tuan reigns me in and our daughter will not be named Beatrice. : )

2. Today we are 19 weeks and 1 day. While the first trimester drug on and on and on, the 2nd is flying by. I've begun having Braxton Hicks and so that's rather fun.

3. T and I have been doing lots of yard work. We discovered a gold mine of Liriope in my parent's yard and brought some home. It sure beats buying some from the garden center. Dad is quite generous with is and told T he could use the front end loader on the tractor to scoop some more up. That's how much there is. You can scoop it up with a tractor and still leave tons behind. He also offered me a banana tree. I have nothing to give back 'cept some Wandering Jew.

4. T planted a blueberry patch this evening. Five bushes in a sparse part of our front yard. Not only do we hope to have a HUGE crop of blueberries in a few years, but we are glad for the privacy screen they will offer.

5. I think everyone is sick of snot right about now. I was sick all weekend and the only relief available was Zyrtec-D which messes me up so much I cannot drive, much less care for children. My sweet mom took the kids so we could rest and the house was so quiet!

6. I want to know why my body responds to antihistamines and decongestants the way it does. It cannot be normal. I literally cannot function or drive or do anything but sleep if I take one. My limbs feel like fettucine.

7. I've been organizing and tackling projects and stirring up quite a mess around the house. Tonight I'm recovering chairs and was waiting on the delivery of a staple gun. Now that it's here, I'm off to re-cover!

8. I'm also very, very, tired. : )


Elizabeth said...

YAY for a baby girl :) Yay for 19+ weeks!!! And Zyrtec makes everyone I know CRAZY! I hate that stuff...
I hope y'all are feeling better & getting good rest!
And we NEED pictures of these projects you're working on :) I have an armoire that's been sitting in the garage since last summer BEGGING for paint - and I think I'm going to paint it red (GASP!). Trying to get on these last minute things before J returns :)

Paula said...

I really did not like the finished product. : ( I used a clearance table cloth from Target, so I didn't spend too much money. There was too much contrast or something. Maybe I can post it and get suggestions?

Anna H said...

I am so excited! boy girl boy girl is perfect!