Living In Tents

So, I joined Pinterest a few weeks ago and LOVE the eye candy. It's so much fun to look at interiors and creative ideas. (note, I did not say "crafty". I am NOT a crafty person. Don't let the Jesse Tree project fool you)

Anyway, all these beautiful and fun houses that give me beautiful and fun ideas can be helpful, but also rather frustrating. I mean, here I am, bursting with creativity and married to a former finish (not Finnish) carpenter who can do just about any DIY I could conceive and I DON"T OWN MY OWN HOUSE!

It is possible that when we retire we will have our own home, but until then, if we stay where we are, I'm constrained to surface DIY. Constrained to pesky things like cabinets where I don't want them and walls without windows. How can I ever have my "Fried Green Tomatoes" moment where Tuan comes home and finds me demolishing a wall with a sledgehammer while declaring, "I NEED MORE LIGHT!" while living in a house not my own?

I suppose I could have one of those moments. It might guarantee we don't live here much longer, and then I just might end up with a house of my own.

Living here does trump the house crazies I occasionally get. I also comfort myself with the promise of a mansion in glory. Not that it will need renovating or "more light." It will be perfectly right.


Elizabeth said...

The Fried Green Tomatoes moment made me laugh... LOVE that movie!!!

The Contributors said...

I feel your frustration. we own (if you don't count that we owe the bank for it) our home but we have other limitations. it reminds me of the nesters 30 days of limitations series. it was eye opening what limitations can do for opening up other possibilities. AND I think that you are great at that with your chalkboard backsplash and bright green paint with beautiful curtains. However, I still feel your pain. Pinterest is definitely two-edged sword. :)