Because I can't Focus on any one thing . . .

1. We took the kids to T's alma mater to watch a performance of Beauty and the Beast. T's dad played trombone with the orchestra--they did a great job. The school sold light up roses and all these little girls had them. Well, the row ahead of us had two little girls who were VERY engaged in the music and were waving those roses all over the place. Two rows ahead was a lady with an elaborate hairdo that might be described as the "geisha donut". The light-up rose danced to the music and got closer and closer to the hair. "I have a feeling something epic is about to happen," said T as we watched the rose. It didn't and we were SO disappointed.

2. We are 20 weeks and two days. I cannot get enough Chik-fil-A. It is SO good.

3. Camp is coming! It's time to pray and prepare and pray!

4. Mr. O has begun the whole drop to the ground while I'm holding his hand and trying to get him to walk. I initially thought it was a game and now know it is willful disobedience. We had this awful moment at the Children's museum where I was carrying Miss A (for some reason), and looking for J while O just dropped and dangled from my hand looking for all the world like his arm was going to pop out of socket--all the while trying to get on the elevator. It was not one of our greatest moments.

5. Miss A unloaded the dishwasher tonight. It was nice to find the dishwasher empty and ready to load. However, she put dishes in the strangest places!

6. I'm recovering a desk chair for J's room and T has set up a woodshop in the carport next door and is working on all sorts of projects. We both THRIVE on projects.

7. On the other hand, we don't thrive on being "busy". Our idea of too busy is probably laughable to some. I mentioned doing scouts and T said, "they meet once a week" and we were both like, "oh, nevermind, that!" Actually I think Cub Scouts are monthly, so that might be in the cards. We are also thinking about letting J play soccer this fall in our local league. It will be fun for him and good for us to get into the community. Of course it will be a "commitment." bleh.

8. I have beach fever in the worst way. A shrimp po-boy at Market Cafe followed by an afternoon at the beach and evening on the bay sounds DIVINE.

9. Braxton Hicks!

10. When we were eating lunch at Animal Kingdom there were all these native birds hanging around our table and our kids LOVED it. Suddenly, this grumpy woman wearing Mickey Ears walks up and starts chasing them away muttering dark things under her breath. I got bemusedly frustrated and REALLY wanted so badly to throw a rib at her. (we were eating BBQ) It would have made a great vacation memory. "Remember when mom threw the rib bone at the grumpy lady who chased the birds and got us banned from Disney World?!"

11. Disney is interesting because it CAN be a happy place. But what I've observed is that Disney doesn't make everything better, it just magnifies whatever your current personality or issues are. So, if you and your husband have communication issues, then you are REALLY going to have a difficult time at Disney. If your children get in the way of "your fun," then Disney is not for you. On the other hand, if you have a great relationship and all enjoy each other, Disney is WONDERFUL!


The Contributors said...

very fun update! as far as the "limp noodle" baby--i hate that. and then I look like an abusive mom as I try to drag my child while my other one is probably crying and I'm struggling with low blood sugar! Gotta hand it to the kids, though. It is one way to let you know what they want.

Joey and Elizabeth said...

I loved this post & all your random thoughts!! And Lucy's doing the SAME thing (and so is cousin Maggie!!). It's very frustrating/embarrassing/awkward... today, she literally sat in the middle of the street when I started to "guide" her out of the street, saying, "We don't play in the street - it's not safe." Oh.Well.
And thanks for the bedroom advice! I've got LOTS of ideas flowing through my head, and this weekend, Anna's helping me paint the armoire (for our living room) RED!!! I'm so excited I can barely stand it :)