Stepping Out . . .

Until I hit my late twenties, I had picture-perfect skin. I didn't really know what a pimple really was and didn't do anything to my skin with regularity. Occasionally I washed it. Every now and then I slathered it with petroleum jelly because my grandmother has great skin and does that every night. Oh, but then . . . I hit my late twenties and am now in my mid-thirties and my skin feels like it is making up for lost time. Blemishes . . . the works!

I've tried the oil method and a brand from Ulta. I've tried nothing and then scrubs and drug store brands. And my skin is showing it. The one thing I have yet to try is Rodan and Fields. Until now.

Can I say that I'm stubborn? Sometimes I dig my heels in the ground because I decide I won't try something and because I'm stubborn, I keep on digging those heels.

I finally decided to give R+F a shot and ordered some Unblemish and the Macro Exfoliator. I have watched my good friend Michelle's face just glow from using R+F these last three years. When the Macro Exfoliator came out I was super curious to try it, but also very stubborn. (Is this a pattern? I think it must be).

Y'all I am pacing the floor waiting for this delivery. I'm REALLY excited to try it out. I'm also glad there is a sixty day trial period. As Michelle said, "what have you got to lose?".

I'm also stepping WAY out of my own comfort zone and have signed on as an R+F consultant. The discount was appealing, but after watching how the R+F model has given several friends extra income and hearing Andrew and Michelle's story, I decided to take a leap and see if this is a good fit for us.

I'm super nervous. I'm super excited.

We hope the Lord leads us back into ministry one day. That's our dream-where our hearts beat. Having some extra income to give away and save would be a great benefit now--and then. I'm trusting that the Lord will make it clear to us if this is what he wants us to do.

But for now. I'm taking baby steps. I'm excited to see how Unblemish
helps my skin. Knowing real people who have had incredible results using Rodan and Fields has me excited that perhaps I can someone with bad acne, sun damage, or severely irritated skin find a solution that could really help them feel better about the skin they are in. Or if you've just been curious if a regimen would work for you and want to give it a go, I would love to have you as a customer.

Friends, I'm kind of on a journey of discovering what this looks like for Tuan and me. I'm a writer at heart, so blogging about this feels like natural way for me to leap out of my comfort zone. If you are curious and perhaps have held off giving R+F a try, or are interested in becoming a consultant, I'd love to walk this road together. With sixty days to try it out--and return it if it doesn't work, what have you got to lose?  Let's talk!

Here's my website: paulala.myrandf.com

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