bargain of the week

I think I could start a website featuring all the bargains we stumble across. It's so fun. Yesterday Tuan and I went to Belk (formerly McRaes) because he was desperately in need of shorts. We walked out with four pairs of brand name shorts (like Columbia) for 32.00. One pair was 14.99 and all the rest averaged around 5.00 a pair. What a deal! I'm thinking about going to the other Belk in Jxn today to see if I can find some more. Tuan wears cargo shorts EVERY day and he is so hard on them--what with radios and carabiners of keys and all other sundry items he uses, that we are constantly buying shorts. This was definitely a boon. So, that was the Bargain of the week. I think this will be a new feature of the blog.

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Caroline said...

I will read with interest! You are like the Jedi master of bargains...while I am just a padawan learner.