good tidings!

We went to Woodland yesterday! O, what joy it was. I miss that church family. All my little kids that I used to keep are not so little anymore. My favorites don't even hardly remember me. That's kind of sad. I got to see Nicky V. among other wonderful, wonderful people. We spent the afternoon at Mrs. Les' house--my other home and our other mom. What wonderful conversations. And, I am so rarely first on the gossip train, and y'all may already know this, but Amy and Ben are engaged! I'm so excited for them. That's all I have for now. Tuan and I have a big errand to run today that is kind of top secret for now. (No, we are not pregnant) I did dream last night that I had twins at some point between May and now and spent the entire dream trying to do the math (of course it didn't work out!).

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Caroline said...

Diana never had twins, so I think you're safe :)

BTW, the links for Nate and Christy and Hogue don't work.