The Bargain/Dilemma of the Century

Oh dear, ethics . . . I went to Hudson's in Ridgeland today in search of Baby Formula and bargains--I found both. Oh, boy did I ever. They had several aisles "cram as much into a bag as possible and it's only $1. " Crazy, huh? I kind of zoomed through and found: 3 rolls of construction motif wallpaper border (for Johnny or Logan), a loveseat slipcover (for fabric), a Simpson's book and this random gorgeous piece of linen stuff. I also found (at other prices) 3 20.00 cans of formula and two boxes of nutrition bars. I went to check out and the cashier rang up all my "bag for $1" stuff as one bag and the grand total came to 24.00. Even at Hudson's thats a HUGE bargain. Well, as I was driving home, I looked at the receipt and something seemed funny. Then, when I got home, I started examining the "linen thingy" and found a Pottery Barn label in it--and a 199.00 price tag. Not only did the salesperson ring everything wrong, but I inadverdently bought a PB 80% off item as a "bag for $1." Without all the mistakes, my ticket should have been around $80.00. (not that I'd have bought the PB item at that price)
My dilemma: do I call Hudson's and tell the manager and ask what I should do? Or, do I say, "oh, the cashier made a mistake--my profit"? My sinful side wants the former, but my conscience is provoking me to the former. Being ethical is not fun.
On the other hand, we watched THE END OF THE SPEAR last night. It was one of the most moving movies I've ever seen. The way that the gospel was presented and the response of the Waidoni was just amazing. I'll not explain the plot, but there is one place where one of the Waidoni (who is unconverted) is angry at a fellow saved tribesman. He says, "why won't you go and spear our enemies!" Kimo replies (paraphrased) that God has said not to kill and he wants to walk the path that God's son walked. I covet that kind of faith--oh, may I desire to walk the way God's son walked. I suppose that is the answer to my dilemma right there.


Caroline said...

The End of the Spear was very interesting. It makes me sad that a lot of people seemed to lose sight of how much good was in it because of the controversy surrounding the main actor.

I went to Hudson's in Ridgeland for the first time the other day! It was quite fun (but I didn't have any ethical dilemmas).

Anonymous said...

I suspect the cashier was right, if they were offering "stuff a bag for one dollar", they are trying to get rid of things quickly. But to clear your conscience, call the manager and ask about it. On the other hand... makes me proud you are quite the bargain shopper... after all we spent alot of school days there learning about percentages..haha