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As some of you may know, Monday is the new Saturday in the La household. Tuan takes Mondays off since he works Saturdays. This is nice, because Sundays are usually tiring (we are gone from the house for about 11 hours straight). We like to spend our Mondays, doing projects, watching movies, sleeping late, reading, etc . . . Now that we are on this diet, we get one "indulgence" day (I won't say cheat, because it's not against the "rules"). We really look forward to Mondays now that this has developed!

Today's indulgent menu has included: Symphony Brownies, lots of milk, Nachos, and Fried Chicken Alfredo garnished with romano shavings. Oh, my goodness. My husband is the king of cooking, I am convinced. As he so rightly put it--"my frying gift is totally lost on this diet." It is his frying gift that got us here in the first place, but I digress. I cannot begin to describe how good that dish was. It may be our new company meal.
I think the diet is working as I am in pre-pregnancy jeans (WHOO-HOO!). If my measurements are right, I've lost two inches in the hips and waist. That's encouraging.

We've been working on a project all day (which I'll discuss in the next paragraph--see, the title is my outline in disguise). That's been fun, but also convenient as we have indulged in movies. We first watched Sense and Sensibility. I love that movie and have been learning to play the score. In addition, Tuan enjoys the movie, and we laugh together over the dialogue. Today we engaged in debate over whether Willoughby really loved Marianne. What do you, gentle reader, think? Tonight, we've been watching Star Wars Episode 1 and 2. In a lot of ways they are amazing, and in a lot of ways, they're pretty ridiculous (need I even mention Jar-Jar Binks or Padme/Anakin rolling in the grass?). It's put me into an ornery mood and I've been making critical comments about it all night. Tuan just shrugs helplessly and says he didn't make it up.

Our project is photos. I've bought a number of black and white picture frames, which we've been scanning, photoshopping, and framing all day long. We are going to hang them in the kitchen a la Pottery Barn. Now that we've lived here 1 1/2 years, it's time to truly commit to hanging up pictures.

So, that is our life. I do have one prayer request to shoot out to you all. Most of you are aware that our son's nursery is a walk-in closet in disguise. I am creative and willing to improvise as much as possible--but there is no way a big bed will ever fit in that closet. In order for us to be here long-term, space is needed. Would y'all pray that God would provide that space and in doing so or not doing so also direct our future steps? If several critical things happen this fall, then we could see this prayer/hope realized. So, brothers and sisters, please, please pray! We love TL and want to be here for a long while.

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Caroline said...

What a fun entry! Congratulations on your 2 inches!

Regarding Willoughby and Marianne: If dc Talk was right and love is a verb, then no, he didn't love her. His feelings were there, but they weren't followed up with action, and that's what counts. I do think that he loved her as much as he was capable of loving someone, but as she said, "Not enough, not enough." It's interesting to contrast his actions with Edward's, who stands by his engagement to Lucy Steele even at the cost of all his inheiritance. In a way, Edward loves Lucy more than Willoughby does Marianne. Not that he feels affection for her (Lucy), but he does the right thing by her.

All this discussion would depend on what one's definition of "love" was. In a world that allows divorce whenever one parter doesn't feel in love, the idea of love as action isn't very popular.