I wish I could think of really great titles for my posts like Caroline, but I do everything hurriedly and titles are not a priority.
We have been somewhat busy lately and I haven't made blogging much of a priority. Johnny is getting super big. Last week he hit 20 pounds! Right now he is in his baby seat and he's almost to the point of not being able to use it anymore! We are looking for carseats now since he is two pounds away from outgrowing his car seat too! It's fun having a little sumo baby. Johnny could easily take on any of the fellow 3-5 month olds in nursery with him. They don't stand a chance! I think the fourth month has been the best so far. It seems like every day there is something new: rolling over, eating from a spoon, pushing up on his arms, almost sitting up and laughing. Parenthood is a joy. My Baby in his overalls is a joy. Overalls and onesies are the cutest things. (Johnny has now moved into his jumper--the chair got old). I can't wait to have another!
Tuan and I, between the excitement and business of parenthood have been struggling to eat healthier (aka diet), and excercise. With his work schedule, excercising together is a struggle (although we did go out to the rock wall the other night), but I've been walking away the pounds and have just started back on Pilates. Pilates focuses on your "core" the abdominals, which after having Johnny mine are VERY weak. They are very similar to marshmallows. So, Pilates has gone from being moderate to difficult with me gasping for breath and groaning aloud.
As far as the eating plan goes, we are finally getting in stride with it and not feeling too deprived. We eat roughly six times a day (three small meals and three snacks). At each meal we eat a protein and a carb and Veggies are inserted randomly throughout the day. I now make tea once a week instead of almost daily, we have discovered the joys of ground turkey, light yogurt, pistachios, craisins, and whole-grain everything else. I think it's working. I can't eat as much and we have found healthier versions of decadent favorites. How, you may ask, is Paula La surviving without chocolate? Oh, ho, ho. No, chocolate has not been forsaken. I eat small quantities of dark chocolate every day. (you can buy a bag of Nestle dark chocolate for baking in the chocolate chip section of wal-mart) We also get one "cheat day" a week. Cheese is usually the thing we both really want on that day (and sweets and red meat). Until cheat day comes, here are a couple of scrumptious recipes that are not so bad for you!

Baked fries
(Serves 2 under three hundred calories per serving and less than one g fat)
Slice five small (or 2 baking) potatoes into french fry strips and toss in two egg whites/one egg (beaten). Spread onto a parchment lined baking sheet, mist with olive oil and salt/pepper to taste. Bake 25-45 minutes at 450.

Tuan's Chili
(Serves 2.. This is great on top of the fries. If you like chili-cheese tots or fries from sonic this is almost just like them! Top with a small amount of grated cheddar)
Chop well:
1/4 med onion*3 cloves garlic*1/4 bell pepper
Saute above with:
1 Tbsp olive oil*1/4 c cubed turkey sausage
When turkey is cooked, Add:
1/4 c. Tomato Sauce*1/2 can kidney beans*1Tbsp chili powder*Salt to taste*H20 or chicken stock as desired
Smash a few beans before adding to thicken chili. Simmer app. 30 minutes.

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noxapaterflash said...

oh,you're so disciplined! I'm eating everything that's coming in the house to celebrate the new baby-sugar cookies, pound cake, bananna pudding, brownies, choc. covered almonds-and no, i'm not loosing the weight!
You're "sumo baby" is absolutely adorable and I wish i had had more time to visit when i ran into ya'll the other day at baby r us.