vacationing in Gooberburg

We are enjoying our last night of vacation in Gatlinburg, or, as my dad calls it: Gooberburg. It's not a typical destination for us as we usually do the Asheville/Brevard side of the smokies. But, it's been good. Tonight, we got over our spending stupor and bought a beautifull piece of pottery (I cried over it--it's just perfect for us), and did the aquarium of the smokies. (you can find wireless anywhere here) As I write, I am sitting in front of the ray/shark tank listening to Pachelbel's canon. Tuan is feeding our little snugglebug Johnny. He has LOVED the aquarium. He's been wide-eyed at the fish and the combination or lights/music has seriously chilled him out. Tuan and I are pretty mellowed, too. The graceful, pirhouetting sting-rays are so fun to watch. When we leave, we're going to pick up the pot, grab some Wendy's and head back to our hotel and perhaps get in the hot tub. Our hotel is really great. (thanks priceline) and has a great indoor pool, etc . . I have to go now, but will write more later. You can also check out Tuan's xanga. www.xanga.com/lotr5x

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