Bleeding Profusely

Today, as I was tackling the dishes in the mess known as the kitchen, the phone rang. "honey," said my husband, "I've cut myself on the table saw." "ha, ha, you're joking," I replied. "No, really did" said he and with that all of the day's plans were shot. He had deeply cut his left middle finger. Off we rushed to MEA (I can't believe how fast I drove) and the doctor took a brief look at it and immediately sent him to a specialist (at one of those frou-frou plastic surgery places, no less). "Don't eat or drink anything as you'll probably have to go under general anesthesia" he advised. We had a tired baby with us, who good natured as he was, would not make it through surgery/recovery. Caroline, who I was going to hang out with this evening very kindly agree to get Johnny for us, but when we arrived at the Plastic Surgery Place, Dr. Lucas decided to postpone the surgery until Thursday, so Tuan's finger is stitched up and bandaged, but not fixed. (is that a legitimate sentence?) He actually cut off some of the bone and sliced the tendon. Ouch!
Please pray folks that the bleeding will stop and that there will be no infection!!
In other news, we are getting into the Christmas spirit. Having family around makes such a difference. My mom came down Saturday, our church had it's annual formal dinner that our "couples" group puts on, my brother spent Sunday/Monday with us and we to Hattiesburg to visit our "other Mom" (Mrs. Les Fortier), and enjoyed dinner at Crescent City with her, Sonny and Tuan's folks. Today was to be girl's night with Leigh, Anna, and Caroline, but the Lord had other plans. Tommorrow night, the TLNA (Twin Lakes Neighborhood Association--aka Mitchells, Nasekos, Vincents and Las) will be having our first ever progressive dinner. Tuan and I are hosting the appetizer portion of the evening. I've been highly motivated tonight to clean and such--it's been so fun. I'm naturally nocturnal and so I'm staying up really late and getting stuff done. I need to go to sleep, but I'm so WIRED!
Johnny is going to be baptized Sunday morning. I know you are all occupied with family/church matters, but should anyone not be we would love to have you worship with us at Mt. Olive!

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