first words, first parade, new car

This morning Johnny began babbling some consonant sounds. He said "da-ma" which will forever pacify both Tuan and myself who have both been vying for first word. My nephews first word was . . . . Al Borland. As in "home improvement" "tool time" Al Borland. My sister and bro-in-law just about fell over when he said it. Obviously that was one of their shows of choice at the time. If Johnny follows in Logan's steps it could be:
Henry Gale
I sure hope it's not McSteamy.

In other words and worlds for that matter, Mt. Olive had it's Christmas parade last night. One of the Moms in the church got really motivated and made a cute float. All told, we had ten kids riding on it. They exuberantly threw candy at folks and we won third place! One funny thing was that as we passed the grandstand, the judges tried to stop our float to give us our prize, but the somewhat deaf man driving the float never heard him and just kept going. The emcee ran after us and gave us the award as if passing a baton. It was funny.
The wife of the float driver had arranged for hot chocolate and marshmallows, our pastor's wife brought chocolate dipped pretzels and as I contributed Christmas cookies, we had quite a little party at the church afterwards (and even sang Christmas carols). It was a good, fun, spontaneous thing for our little church, and talk is already brewing about how to make the float better next year.
If you looked at the surface of all that happened last night, it looked a bit "mitford-ish." I mean, we even had the former lady mayor running up and down the sidewalk and the way the "party" came together aftwerward was something Jan Karon might have written. It was indeed, fun, but no Mitford. I really appreciate the way that sin and its complications are never absent in her writing, but there are times when I read about something and think: "oh, that is WAY too idyllic." Mitford is kind of like our memories--we don't forget the big problems, but the minor ones/those that don't directly affect us are often glossed over. I suppose, though, that is why we like and read Mitford.

In other news, the Las bought a new (to us) car yesterday! We had shopped online and at some of the local places and found this random circular with exactly the car we'd been looking for: A 1994 Toyota Landcruiser. It is so sweet.

I remember when I was younger (and practically lived with the Kimbroughs) every time they would make a significant purchase, Wendell would sit down with me and the owners manuals and explain step-by-step the features of a particular item and why that purchase was the best possible one that ever could have been made. I think it's rubbed of a "little" on me, although I now prefer imports over Fords. : )

Although it is older, the mileage is low (140000) and the toyota mechanic gave it a clean bill of health. Plus, the price was right. It has a 3rd seat, four-wheel drive, and a sun-roof. We are very happy about it and it feels like "us." The gas mileage isn't great, but as it gets the same as the wrangler . . . . why not drive a landcruiser? Also, Tuan doesn't commute, so we don't drive a whole lot.

So, good times in La-land. Does anyone read this anymore? Let me know.


Caroline said...

I do!

Al Borland?! That's unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

I do, too... are you sure he didn't say.. kay kay????
see you soon!