surgery and pain

Tuan had surgery on his finger yesterday. It's amazing how one small part of the human body can cause so much pain. When he cut his finger, it sliced into the bone and cut a tendon. The doctor, put a pin through the bone and hope fully that will help the bone/tendon repair. He is in incredible pain--we would appreciate your prayers. He is also on heavy drugs (meperdine), which means Tuan is pretty much walking around doped up. Very doped up. Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern and is praying for him. We appreciate it!

Random quote:
"Love is pain, highness. and anyone who tells you differently is selling something."

Can anyone guess where that came from?

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Caroline said...

Princess Bride! (Only it's "Life is pain...") Westley was a wise man.

I hope Tuan recovers soon...