Wow. I'm meeting with Matt and Andrew some time tommorrow to start talking about program. Usually, I am well into planning, but I didn't decide to do program until after Christmas and "having a baby changes everything." In some ways, I'm not too worried--after two years of being program director I'm learning just what has to happen before camp and what is non-essential. However, there's always the challenge of making things fresh and fun and every year is a year of improving program and coming up with ideas to make camp better. Plus--NOAH--what an undertaking.

Camp becomes a little bit weirder every year. For one, the folks who remember the old days are increasingly diminishing, especially the folks I used to hang out with. Having lots of new blood is wonderful, but it is sad when old traditions slip by the wayside. "Let Us Come Together" is one example. We used to sing that song constantly and at all closing ceremonies, but somehow it went the way of the dinosaur this summer. And the bugaloo! The folks leading it never seemed to get the concept that you ALWAYS end it with the Cockroach because having all the campers laying on the ground pretending to be filthy vermin is just the way to end a song.

During family worship tonight, Tuan and I found a staff picture of last summer in his Bible--we had a lot of fun talking about folks, laughing and wondering about next summer. I'm really getting excited. Before long we should have our leadership meeting and then the days will really fly by and next thing we all know, it will be the end of camp, and we'll all be tired and eating barbecue. What fun.

I'd like your ideas about camp. Even if you never comment on this blog, I do want to know how to make camp better.

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noxapaterflash said...

Ben still sings "let us come together" everytime we make a salad. i think he's thinking more along the lines of "lettuce come together". It sure would be nice if it could wash, shred and eat itself. Sorry, that's not much help for camp. I'll be thinking though. I had three great years as a counselor and many more as a camper. I think one of my favorite memories is of my aunt Kay coming in unannounced at dinner, dressed up, and she and several counselors sang. The entertainment will always be a fond memory. May the Lord bless you will great ideas. Beth Hailey