I like the idea of posting the first few words/sentences of each month's entry--to sum up the year--here goes!

Whoo-hoo! I am so excited. Tuan and I have finally decided what we're doing for his vacation next week!

Tuan and I were riding to church this past Sunday and listening to Jesus Freak. Although Joseph Craven made me feel VERY old when, as he gave his testimony this summer, he referred to DC Talk and Audio Adrenaline as "old school," Jesus Freak and Free at Last are still two of my favorite albums.

Charles Spurgeon is one of my favorite preacher/pastors. Here is an excerpt from one of his sermons on Exodus:

Other PCA Sightings Two are confirmed, the other one sure looks like him . . .

A joke
Man: Doctor, my wife thinks she's a refrigerator.
Dr: Well, that's a pretty common delusion, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
Man: I wouldn't either except she sleeps with her door open and the light keeps me awake.

walk like an egyptian
Well, camp is going great! We have a marvelous staff--from ACs/Counselors to leadership and support, I am daily encouraged by this group of folks

Thou knowest my great unfitness for service,
my present deadness,
my inability to do anything for thy glory,
my distressing coldness of heart.
I am weak, ignorant, unprofitable,
and loathe and abhor myself.

The website snopes.com is a great place to delve into urban myths and lore.

I tried to find an appropriate quote from "little town on the prairie" to begin this entry, but couldn't find the one I imagined was there.

I wish I could think of really great titles for my posts like Caroline, but I do everything hurriedly and titles are not a priority.

I am so tired I can barely move, and were it not that Tuan is still up and on duty, I'd be out cold.

This morning Johnny began babbling some consonant sounds. He said "da-ma" which will forever pacify both Tuan and myself who have both been vying for first word.

So, I'm not sure what to make of these. I could probably sum up the year in a better way than this, but instead I will ask you all to pray for the possible addition to our home--contentment with whatever is decided and an answer soon!

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