true first words

I ate lunch with "the girls" today: Caroline, Leigh and Anna at Caroline's house. Johnny played on the floor. At one point, I leaned down and said,
"Johnny, say Daddy."
"Da-Da" He promptly replied!
How cool was that. It wasn't a fluke either, as he has responded to promptings all evening with a definite "da-da."
Big steps indeed!

He also has this leapfrog toy that we keep in his crib. You press buttons and it will light up and play music or say things. When Johnny wakes up, he'll play with it. Sometimes we hear it go off in the middle of the night or way after bedtime. We've found that he'll wake up, hit a button and go back to sleep! It cracks us up. Last night we picked him up from the Vincents (who had kept him so we could have a date night) and Johnny didn't go to bed until around ten. Thirty minutes to an hour later, I went in to check on his heater and lo and behold, he was sitting up, grinnning and playing with that toy. Parenthood is such a joy.

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