Nellie Olsen, eat your heart out.

When I was a little girl, my mom, sister and I often watched Little House on the Prairie before we started homeschool. I always envied Nellie Olsen's large bows. Perhaps the designer of this outfit did also? I thought the outfit cute, but did gasp at the size of the bow. I will say it is a step better than what my mom would do (sorry, Momma). Every Sunday morning, my mom would brush my long straight hair and then attack my bangs with a curling iron. Sprayed and teased to high heaven, even Vanna White would have been envious of those bangs. The juxtaposition of the curly teased bangs with the long straight hair conveyed the same message as a mullet--only this time the party was in the front.


Caroline said...

I remember watching this process, mystified and feeling like I should try to intervene!

Em and her BOYS!! said...

OH, I do love a big bow!!! I just have no one in my house who I'm allowed to put one on! :)