What don't you like, Kavanaugh?

As we were eating breakfast, I was watching Aubrey grasp Cheerios in her tiny little fingers and place them in her mouth. It gives me such pleasure to watch her--I love those chubby little fingers--so I began mentally compiling a list of things that I really like and enjoy right now. I thought I'd share them with you all (and naturally, the things I don't like).

Things I like (no meaningful order):
1. House Beautiful. The interiors are so gorgeous and inspiring, the food reviews/recipes are so fun; Ina Garten is the food lady for HB and I love the way that Steven Drucker (formerly of MSL) is editing/directing the magazine.

2. Johnny and Aubrey's "Power Breakfast". Mashed bananas, blueberrries, baby oatmeal, flax seed and wheat germ. I feel downright virtuous serving it to them and they devour it! It's quite tasty, but usually gone before I get to it!

3. Jon and Kate Plus Eight. For years I've heard about this show from my mom, MIL, Guitta . . . Everyone said: Jon is just like Tuan. I could never catch it on TLC when I was near cable, but was just thrilled when it came out on DVD--go Netflix! We watched several episodes yesterday and not only was it fun, but Jon is so much like Tuan that I called Mrs. D to see if she was certain she hadn't misplaced a twin upon Tuan's birth.

4. Singing with Johnny. He likes to sing and we've been learning This is the Day, Come Christians Join to Sing and From the Rising of the Son. Sometimes he inserts other lyrics ( I thought I heard something about Thomas train in the middle of This is the Day).

5. Thomas the Tank Engine. We try to be deliberate about what Johnny gets involved with and Thomas is just as enjoyable and tolerable for us as it is him.

Those are the abbreviated likes--for lack of time. What don't I like?

1. Foundation: it makes my face feel dirty and grimy all day long.
2. Sewing with terry cloth--there's a blasted story behind that.
3. Houseflies.
4. Histamines.
5. The state of our bathroom. It needs to be painted, and has a blank wall, but I really have some sewing that should be done first.

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guitta chaiban hogue said...

i laughed out loud when I read that Johnny inserts lyrics about thomas the train in hymns. hilarious!