Nourishing Delight--Bluths watch out.

I love ice cream, especially ice cream with additions like chocolate, nuts, swirls and candy. After reading Nourishing Traditions and The Sugar Blues, however, storebought ice cream and all it's sugar and additives kind of lost its luster.

I can certainly make homemade ice cream, but that involves so much work and expensive ingredients, so I was rather intrigued by this one ingredient ice cream post on Apartment Therapy's the Kitchn. It's basically frozen bananas processed in the food processor and they take on the consistency of soft serve! The reviews on the site were really positive and I wanted to try it out, but I wasn't so sure if plain ice cream without "chunks" would cut it.

I needed a topping/"mixin'" that would complement the ice cream and not wreck all the nutritional benefits of this wonder recipe. The Nourishing Gourmet's Easy, Healthy Guilt-Free Fudge came to mind. It would provide a kick of chocolate and melt in your mouth rather than gunking up the teeth with waxy chocolate bits.

I made the fudge and added some peanuts into it to stretch the recipe. Then in the same Cuisinart bowl, I made the ice cream. Folks, it was amazing! As the bananas processed they took on this creamy, frozen soft-serve texture that was astonishing. What was interesting was that you cannot over-process the bananas, like other foods. We popped the fudge and "ice cream" into the freezer until after supper and enjoyed our nourishing and fabulous treats.

Folks, you gotta try this! I added some vanilla and a little cream to the "ice cream" to help my bananas break up and to modify the banana flavor. The bananas are nothing but good for you and the fudge chunks were healthy and free of additives, white sugar and artificial sweeteners. Tuan's comments were, "dang" and "this fudge is exceptional." The kids just ate it up. Aubrey used a spoon until it gave out, then drank the contents and finally employed her fingers.

A final piece of advice--pre-peel and cut up the bananas before freeezing. I can't imagine anything more bone-numbing than peeling a frozen banana.

Here are some pictures and happy eating! (excuse the sideways photos, we're doing well just to post photos, today!)


lydia said...

Yum! I do frozen bananas a splash of milk and a big spoonful of natural peanut butter in the blender. So delicious! I'll have to try to add chocolate next time!

guitta chaiban hogue said...

i bought bananas this week specifically for this recipe. thanks for posting...(hope ya'll are on your way up).