Cleaning out the closets

Farewell, Gap sweater.
It's not you--my expectations exceeded your abilities
I expected sixties glamour--you made my arms itch
I thought I'd wear you forever--you didn't grow with me
I was sure you were the perfect red--you weren't
So, goodbye.
Into the charity bag, with my other mistakes.
Find someone who'll appreciate you for who you are.
Someone tough-skinned who seeks warmth
Someone who has short arms
Someone who suits tomato red
Ten years we were together--don't be hurt
It's not you, my expectations just exceeded your abilities.

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Caroline said...

Hee hee! I was doing this last night, winterizing the closet. I still have a You-haven't-worn-this-in-years;-try-it-on-and -find-out-why pile to go through.