utterly exhausted

I am so tired I can barely move, and were it not that Tuan is still up and on duty, I'd be out cold. If I go on to sleep before he gets back in, chances are I'll wake up and not be able to drift back off. Why so tired you ask?
It all started two weeks ago. Vacation was the word and we kicked Tuan's off with a late Wed. night cleaning/packing frenzy and a jaunt to Columbia for two days with his folks. (mental tally: two nights at Mrs. Dorothy's) Saturday sent us to Chattanooga (on our way to Gatlinburg). We went to church Sunday at Lookout Mtn Pres, saw Rock City and made it in to Gatlinburg in time to hit the strip and eat supper. Five days/nights followed and brought us home rested and ready to jump back into life on Friday night. Unfortunately, Tuan's grandmother had taken a turn for the worse while we were gone and the prognosis was bad (or good, depending on how you look at it). So, on Saturday, we re-packed, I dashed to Mistletoe with Caroline and then we headed to Columbia to be with the family. (Got to see Daddy Khanh, Tuan's dad, which was good) Sunday, 9 am found me on the road to church, bound and determined to teach Sunday school (had missed two weeks before). Sunday, 9:15 am found me sitting on a strange lady's front porch, discovering how we knew each other as I waited for Tuan to come and figure out why the car had overheated on me. Monday, we lunched with and were driven home by Daddy Morris since our Jeep was still in the shop and Mamaw was neither better nor worse. (2 more nights at Mrs. Dorothy's) Tuesday morning got a call from Sonny that Mamaw had passed. Took Johnny to town in search of a dress for the funeral, Re-packed, drove back to Columbia in our Jeep wrangler, went to visitation with Sonny and went to bed knowing I had to get up early because . . . Wednesday is Bible Study day for me and Sonnny couldn't miss school, so I got up at 5:30 to ride to Jxn with him, go to Bible Study and dash back for the funeral at 3:00. We hung around Thursday waiting on our car to be fixed. Surprise, surprise, it wouldn't be ready until Friday. Traveled back home, crashed, phone rang: "We" (parents and warren) "are coming for the weekend. Tried to sleep in on Friday, but heard a rumour that someone was coming by at 10:00. Up at seven something to shower, clean the public areas of the house, then had to wait for company to come by before tackling disastrous bedroom and finishing project started that Monday. That Company never came. (note to self--despise flaky people when acting flaky) But, did have other company, had Anna G. for lunch and went to Wal-mart late that night. Saturday: up at seven to get self/Johnny ready to go to Mt. Olive to visit parents and brother. Went to Hattiesburg with Sister, Mom and brother to shop/eat/see grandmother. Got home at seven and spent three hours cleaning the kitchen, baking a pie and preparing a casserole for church dinner tommorrow. Ate supper at 9:45. In the past two weeks and two days, we have spent six nights with Mrs. Dorothy (whom I love, and is so wonderful to help with Johnny and give us a break), six nights on vacation and four at home. Our bedroom refuses to be clean and whenever I bat an eye our house becomes a huge mess. And, I just heard Johnny (he is not supposed to talk at this time of night).
But you know God is so good--I am especially aware of his grace to me and my family. I am so thankful for Tuan and Johnny. I am thankful that we are very likely going to get an addition to our tiny house (and a laundry room!). I am thankful that Tuan will be home soon and that we don't have evening church tommorrow (YAY! An afternoon nap). Lastly, I am glad that tommorrow is a day that offers the promise of rest, and that if I should not see tommorrow, then an even better rest will be mine. Good night, sleep tight.

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