thoroughly rested

Oh, the joys of a good night''s rest! I was dragging all day yesterday (monday) as was Johnny. By late afternoon, he'd been up for two hours and had sleepy eyes--I gave him a full belly of cereal and put him to bed at five thirty. Tuan went to play tennis and after reading, I climbed into bed with a headache around seven. Three-thirty found me rested and I was awake reading/thinking until four thirty, expecting Johnny to wake up for an early bottle. Woke up again around 8:00 (Tuan was off) to Johnny finally waking up. He had slept 14 1/2 hours and I had gotten a good 10+. We were both very happy today. I have found that as a new parent, I've sort of lived between feedings for the past six months. It is a very exciting thing to calculate those times and see them exceed three hours. Johnny actually went 16 1/2 hours--a record!--last night, although he did have a good helping of cereal. He went to bed somewhat early tonight as well. It will be interesting to see how that goes.
Why am I writing all of this? I have no idea, it is not of "general interest." But I did want any readers who care to know that I am now well-rested. Oh, and I must say that although I still don't "get" facebook entirely, it is addictive.

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Caroline said...

Glad you got some sleep!