dream chairs II

In my search for the chairs below (search terms: chinese, chippendale, faux bamboo, adler, regency--it was a broad search), I began to realize that These chairs were going to be out of my budget unless I hit the mother lode at a thrift store or a faithful reader just gave me some. Hello? Anyone? I didn't think so.

I could afford perhaps two chairs and what good would that do? Searching led to Overstock and Overstock led to restaurant and event suppliers and I discovered the above beauty. The Chiavari chairs come in a variety of finishes, are sturdy because they are rental chairs and need to hold up to wear and tear, they stack seven high and are much less expensive!

I can buy a lot of 10-12 gently used chairs for under 400.00, with washable cushions. I can spend a little more for new ones. This idea is appealing because they seem versatile and having that many would be great for a party where we would have to bring in an extra table. The chair's footprint would be small, so storing extra chairs in our storage room or attic (what a glorious prospect!) would be super practical. Stackable chairs also make mopping easier.

The idea of restaraunt supply chairs is new to me, but I really like it. They are bound to be sturdier than a lot of chairs and in bulk, less expensive. What do you think, reader? Will these capture the idea of the chair without the expense?


Joey and Elizabeth said...

I really like these :) This idea (especially the stacking!!!) is wonderful, and I think you just can't beat the benefits - price, durability, the stacking!!!
How do you find restaurant supply stuff?

Paula said...

I just kept googling online until I found some suppliers. You can order direct from many places, although I would check them out thoroughly, first!