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Okay, I confess: I laugh at other folk's misspelled words and more so at wrong words. For example, today, someone on Facebook said they were glad to have gotten their shopping done early so that they could avoid all the "crazy folkes". Since "Folkes" is actually a surname, it made me wonder if they had something against the Folkes family.

Then, someone wrote a comment on my status update about how they, too were "defiantly a poor speller." Hmm, just let that one sink in. Good spelling, wrong word.

I know my own use of the English language is typically wonkety, and that gives me the freedom to laugh at others because I know myself. Nevertheless, if you are in a managerial position, you should be able to correctly mate subjects and verbs, use quotations properly and avoid awkward apostrophe use. It's so unimpressive and annoying to see signs in stores that are so full of errors that they communicate something else entirely from their intended purpose--the management's un-grasp of their native language.

Please share your own examples! I'm off to bed and a rousing sing-along of, "I'm glad I am a consular."

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Alli Kat said...

Mike and I used to visit a Dollar Store in the local mall that had a sign with such atrocious spelling and grammatical errors that we eventually took a photo on my camera phone for posterity. I have since lost that photo, for which I am greatly dismayed.

Dad, however, has become a superhero at work. He calls himself the Phantom Grammarian, and sneakily corrects punctuation and spelling errors on signs posted in the halls, even signing his handiwork with "The Mark of the Phantom Grammarian".

Someday I think he ought to write a children's book about his alterego.