Christmas in October

I have Christmas music playing in October and I have no shame whatsoever. While this is the first time I've played music, I was belting out some tunes with the kids the other night. They are the only peeps who get to"enjoy" the gloooo---o-o-o-o-rias that I love to sing. : )

I remember when the giddy, magic-y feeling of Christmas began to diminish and how I struggled for so long to catch it again. Having children helps so much, but I've learned that when the weather turns and I get that little inkling of the giddy, magical feeling, to embrace it no matter the month.

So Pandora is playing Chanticleer and Sleigh Ride Radio and the Cambridge Singers channel today and I'm beginning to make mental lists of goals and, yes, thinking about Jesus : ) .

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Elizabeth said...

I think that's wonderful :) I "accidentally" listened to a Christmas cd about a month ago & LOVED it! I need to get my Pandora going too :)
Joey's deploying the day after Thanksgiving, so I was thinking about making November our December - getting the tree early, decorating, playing music, having a little Christmas party (for our friends who will also be away)... but I can't decide if that will be helpful & loving & encouraging, or just remind him that he'll be away.............