The Million Dollar Question

Y'all, I don't pretend to write earth-shakingly important things on this blog or aspire to reach Piperian depths of meaning, nor do I adequately chronicle the comings and goings of my family (as do SO many of my friends with their precious scrapbook-blogs--which is a brilliant idea I should try).

I blog and write because sometimes words, thoughts and ideas simply need to come out and land somewhere. Sometimes I shouldn't say things and sometimes I should say more . . . today is one of those days I just want to write.

This year we committed to attending Wednesday night church. With sicknesses and comings and goings and T's job, we seem to be on an "every-other-week" pace right now. We decided to do this because being involved in the body requires more than Sunday morning attendance--at least for us. I'm so glad we made this commitment! It is great for J to participate in children's choir and for A to have more time with the three's. We also enjoy our discipleship group and studying King's Cross with them. The indescribable benefit of dinnertime fellowship is also sweet.

I must be honest though.

By the time I get to discipleship group at 6:30, my brain is shot. Fried. I feel more like a bump on a log during the discussion than a meaningful contributor.

I have the joy of leading a small group on Wednesday mornings for our MOMS Bible study. It is exhilarating, encouraging and I LOVE going every week, but leading the discussion requires a lot of mental gymnastics and that plus getting up early, wrangling three kiddos to church (and preparing all their stuff), getting them home, fed and down for rest time is draining.

We accomplish nothing on Wednesday besides church. Homeschool does not happen; laundry does not happen. Church and driving happen. : )

Also, naps happen. Well, naps happen until my children who have no concept of the sanctity of naps pop into the room and wake me up with a request for me to help button their pants. Then, I'm awake, but groggy, with no hope of returning to the land of nod and stumbling around the kitchen eating 72% dark chocolate and tidying up while I wait for the coffee to brew and all the while feeling like I need to blog about something instead of tackling household projects and getting us ready for Church.

So this is the Million dollar question--literally. What would you do if you came into a significant amount of money? How would you spend it and how different would your life change? What do your choices say about who you really are? Would a sudden increase in funds change you very much?

T and I have talked about this lately. A friend of his Father recently won 11 Million in the Louisiana Lottery. Shazam!

Okay, here's what I would do--

1. Tithe to the church.

2. Invest half in a safe, interest bearing account and the other half in a more aggressive mutual fund.

Using the interest (I have no idea how much my supposed windfall is, just so ya know):

3. Eventually upgrade my van to a 2004 with three seats in the middle. I'm VERY content with our used cars, but I really wish our van had three seats across the middle.

4. Hire someone to do our laundry. I don't mind cleaning, but if the laundry could be magically done and put away, I think I'd be satisfied.

5. Have a regular baby-sitter for a regular date night.

6. Buy all organic foods

7. Travel. Instead of owning a place on the beach, I'd much rather take all kinds of trips to different places. We'd stay in hotels and I would go to spas. I love spas.

8. Buy art!

9. Frye Boots

10. Give lavishly and generously to people and causes.

I've been analyzing these things lately because I've wondered what these things say about me and what is important to me. In the midst of this, I've been in a blessed place of DEEP contentment with my calling and vocation as a wife, mom, teacher and camp wife. I really and truly LOVE where God has placed me and what I'm doing. In the past I've experienced contentment, but not on this level. So, I'm thankful and grateful without the windfall, but it sure is fun to think about!

What would you do? How would you answer the million dollar question?

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