Durn Give Out

Truly, I am durn give out. My head is full, body: exhausted. Heart: glad. Luggage: still packed. Housework: dented. Laundry: heh, change the subject.

I had the amazing and blessed opportunity to attend the Women in the Church International Conference. This year's theme was: Amazing Grace 360.

Amazing is right.

I remember my mom going to a huge WIC conference in the early nineties with our pastor's wife and another woman in the church. They had a wonderful time and I had sort of filed it away in my head that if the opportunity ever came to attend one, I would jump on it.

I'm so glad I did!

I signed up in May, not quite sure who I'd room with or ride with or hang out with--talk about blind enthusiasm! God knew the details and he PERFECTLY provided room mates and traveling companions and a group of women with whom to fellowship.

I rode to Atlanta with two wonderful women (who homeschool and are "real" and love the Lord!). I don't think the conversation ever dulled the whole seven hours. Not a magazine or book was cracked. : )

One of the riding companions roomed with one of my dearest friends and me. All three of us homeschool, are crazy about our husbands, adore our children, love the Lord and are in/married to ministry in various ways. We laughed, shared, and wore ourselves out.

Several girls who are "staff wives" of our church were in our group--it was such a privilege to get to know them apart from a quick hello in the halls.

I haven't even mentioned the seminars, the worship, the renewing of long-ago friendships, the teaching, the MUSIC! (and shopping and food, although not nearly as important). I hope to share more in the coming days, as I came home inspired and renewed (and with a long list!).

Oh, and I did have this strange expectation that was totally not real. My mind-picture of PCA women as a whole is VERY nineties: helmet hair, oversized pastel pink sweaters, denim jumpers and Keds. I am pleased to report the PCA has kept up with the times. :)

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Joey and Elizabeth said...

Oh I wish I had gone and met y'all there :) Three wonderful women from my church went, and I would have LOVED to go but Joey was leaving that weekend (or so we thought). I'm thankful you had a great time :)
Maybe I can meet y'all next time :)

(And the denim jumpers/keds made me laugh!)