And Aubrey Makes Four . . . .

Oh, I spoke too soon. Just when we'd placed our weary heads on our marvelously soft pillows did Aubrey begin to wail. Poor girl. I would wail too if I woke up in such a mess as she. However, once she realized that a late-night bath (all alone, no less!) was the result of such sickness, our girl promptly began to giggle and grin and splash. A solo bath, full of bubble and full use of the tub toys? A blissful restitution, indeed.

She is an amazing child. When the second round of the bug hit--while in the tub--Aubrey looked at us and said, "what happened to me?" This is a common phrase our children utter--sometimes when they really want to know what has just happened and sometimes they use it as a deterrent. Later, we bundled our shivering girl into our bed (now protected with towels) and turned on Milo and Otis. She just giggled and laughed. It was like, "hey! It's a party with Mom and Dad!" As the night wore on and we went through several rounds of towels, she never complained or fussed--even when she was hurting. I have to say, once more, that she is an amazing child.

So now we've all survived the nasty bug of 2010. I had an OB appointment today and returned home fully motivated. There's nothing like recovery energy combined with nesting. The house is restored to cleanliness, laundry is put away and there is one bathroom left to clean and the upstairs to vacuum. I may not be able to move tomorrow, but it will be with a clear conscience!

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