Remember the One Where . . .

All of the Ingalls family got sick? I think it was On The Banks of Plum Creek. I remember Laura crawling out of the bed and filling the dipper and taking it to wet her family's parched lips. If Ma couldn't move, they must have been really sick.

That's pretty much how our family, minus Aubrey, was yesterday. The stomach flu hit us in diverse ways in the wee hours. Aubrey escaped and slept through the worst. When the sun rose, Tuan, Johnny and I were all sprawled on our bedroom floor and didn't stir until after nine. Somehow we never made it back into beds. Mercifully, Aubrey decided to sleep late, too. Every now and then, Johnny would call for me and I felt as helpless as Ma was in that story.

This was the first real sickness we've had where there were no female family members to call on. Every mom and grandmother was either sick or caring for someone else who was sick.

I took it the hardest, and by God's grace, Tuan was somewhat able to function. Johnny improved as the day went on and by the evening he and Aubrey were both fantastic. Poor Aubrey has been on a stomach flu diet with us. But what toddler wouldn't be thrilled at the idea of eating all the saltines she could handle (in Mommy and Daddy's bed, no less) and drinking Pedialyte like there's no tomorrow? Not to mention having nearly free run of the downstairs and constant videos streaming on the computer?

We woke up this morning feeling like new people! Then we got out of the bed and realized we were only partially new people. Still, God has been so good to us. The kids were marvelously chirpy all day, fatigue was the only real lingering symptom and most of the laundry has been tackled. There is still the issue of the demolished kitchen, crumbs all over the floor, and toys everywhere, but that will wait until tomorrow. I'm off to put fresh sheets on our bed and shake all of the cracker crumbs out of the duvet.

I must also say that it was a real moment of providence that we made a late night "fun-run" to Wal-mart Monday evening for a new kid's movie and some saltines. The multi-episode Berenstain Bears has certainly come in handy!

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