Far As the Curse is Found

I don't mean this trivially or flippantly when I say that the curse seems to extend to housekeeping. Sin affects all of life and the Lord's decree to Adam about toil and futility surely must apply to the domestic realm. On the other end, redemption, grace--common and special--have to extend to housekeeping as well (He comes to make his blessings known!). Perhaps I'm wrong, but every aid I have in housekeeping: running water, vinegar, soap, the vacuum(!) I feel must be a grace to us.

Yesterday, however, I felt more of the curse and futility than the blessings of it all. Hormones, sinfulness and weariness were running rampant in my heart and I spent so much of the day overwhelmed by it all: how one job just created another, how while I was accomplishing something in this room, the kids were annihilating another one, that vacuuming the stairs, however necessary, didn't seem to make a bit of difference in the grand scheme of life. And cooking!? I LOVE cooking, but when it makes me distracted and short-tempered with the kids, what kind of a blessing is that to anyone?

In short, I spent a lot of time crying over the laundry and being a grump. I also cried out to God--for help and forgiveness. Is there anything so convicting as hearing your son speaking to your daughter in the exact ugly tone you've been using the whole morning? I'm so thankful that God is gracious. By lunch, balm and grace poured down. A prayer request from a friend put things back in perspective. Tuan came home for lunch (another grown-up!). The house actually showed a bit of progress and I was able to "get away" for a doctor's appointment. A last-minute (and oh, so welcome) overnight guest spurred me on in housework and I had dinner alone with Tuan after the kids went to bed.

Today has been still and quiet. So different from the last! Good times with the kids and a slight reprieve from housework. My in-laws are spending the night and I get some time with other young wives and moms--so excited. What a comfort to know that God's blessings reach and are known far as the curse is found--whether in my heart or home! I'm so thankful for the ultimate blessing of Jesus, that no matter how far I fall or how miserable I feel, there is no sin He did not take and no emotion I have that can change truth.


Joey and Elizabeth said...

What an encouraging post! Thanks for your honesty & openness!!

Beth said...

love that last line...amen

Amanda said...

Oh how I also hate vacuuming the stairs! You are a good mama and wife, I'm so impressed by all you get done.