Oh, I am trying to nest. It's kind of a forced thing. I don't think I've got the full fervor yet. There is so much I want to get done before Number 3 comes, along with normal stuff like keeping the house clean! Yet with toddlers and a bit of tiredness and regular housework, I feel like I am swimming in Jello!

I got the boy's room re-arranged today, cleaned and baby stuff put in drawers. I'm going to move (or have Tuan move) the porta-crib up this afternoon. We discovered the delights of a porta-crib when expecting A. It's a crib roughly the size of a pack-in-play, that folds up pretty flat and still looks like a piece of furniture. I ADORE our porta-crib. A slept in hers until she was one and a half. I think she could have gone longer, but J moved to a big-boy bed and my sister had her baby around that time and needed it more than me. It is great for when you have the baby sleeping in your room or when you have children close together and don't really want to have two humongous cribs. When A moves to her big-girl bed in a few months (years?) he can upgrade. It is also giving J more play space in his room.

So with number three I am praying that we go into labor naturally. We had incredible induction experiences with J and A, but I would so much rather it just "happen" this time. Most important, I just want a healthy baby at the end of it all! I think this one is going to be a fighter. He wiggles and squirms and kicks like nobody's business. Sometimes he startles me awake with his ferocity. Maybe we should name him Ursus or something gladiatorial?

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