A day in the life/Revised Expectations II

So today I caught up on our trip laundry and nearly had our laundry back on it's "routine." This involved each bedroom having a hamper along with one in the hallway for sheets/towels. I have resolved to only do one hamper at a time to make the sorting and putting away easier and the laundry more manageable. It's working really well and Johnny has learned how to put his clothes away (progress!).

With the trip laundry caught up, I decided it was time to tackle the couch slipcovers. They are off-white cotton duck and had gotten pretty dirty. I hadn't realized it until my mom came over and we were sitting in the living room in broad daylight. "Gross!" I thought, "this cannot continue!" I bought a container of Oxy Clean last night and decided to embark on a long-term soak and wash of the slipcovers. Meaning, soak each batch for at least three hours before washing in hopes of getting our slipcovers back to sparkling.

All was well and I was on the second of what appeared to be three batches of laundry when we heard cries from upstairs. Johnny had crashed in the bed with me this afternoon and had taken a long, long nap. In. Big. Boy. Pants. It was foolish of me and as my readers may have guessed the cries were a result of waking up in a small pond of pee.

Did I mention that we have a featherbed and down comforter on our bed? This has happened before and you can read about it here. But I have a feeling the next 36 hours are going to be a monotony of featherbed drying. At least the "laundry" is caught up!


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