caution: body parts discussion

So, Aubrey has started using the potty and Johnny is very interested in this. Johnny is basically interested in anything involving peeing, pooping and "weenies." I always had an inkling that we would deal with this topic, but never in such a day-to-day quantity. Here's an example.

Scene: Aubrey just pottied and I'm changing her diaper. Johnny walks up.

J: Aubrey pee-pee in her bootie.
Me: Well Aubrey's pee-pee comes out right here, yours comes out of your weenie.
J: (Confident and enouraging) One day Aubrey, you will have a weenie
Me: No, no, Johnny, Aubrey will never have a weenie. Aubrey is a girl. Girls don't have weenies.
J: (pauses and confidence returns) But all the campers have a weenie!

Johnny has this idea that having that particular type of genitalia is something you aspire to. "One day, when you grow up . . . " He encouraged me with the same sentiment the other day. And soon, I will have two boys. Oh, dear!

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