Pantry Challenge, Part I

I thought as we went through the week, I would share daily rather than in a chunk. I feel as though we've got it too easy, although not having any cheese or sour cream or things like that available is a challenge for me!

Sunday Lunch
Tuan kept the kids at home while I went to church. He pulled lunch together for us:

Leftover Thanksgiving dressing I'd thrown into the freezer, warmed up with some frozen Turkey leftovers
baked sweet potatoes with butter and spices ( I was so glad to get these potatoes cooked--they'd been giving me the evil eye for some time)
homemade cranberry relish left over thanksgiving

Sunday Supper: we ate at church, a cheat

Monday Breakfast
This was weird. I woke up early and drank some sweet tea and was too hungry to wait, so I ate some dried Mama Noodles. Yes, very weird. They are like Ramen, but a tastier Vietnamese version. Tuan bought a case a few weeks ago, so if we get really desperate there is a stash of Mama Noodles.
Tuan had cooked Mama Noodles and the kids ate oatmeal with honey and cream and we drank coffee.

Monday Lunch
This was a cultural fusion meal. We had some frozen Vietnamese Eggrolls that Tuan fried along with some home fried corn tortilla chips, Vietnamese dipping sauce, hummus (from my last can of chickpeas) and some homemade yogurt cheese, topped with mint and olive oil. So . . . Mexican, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern. I can handle that.

Monday Supper
We haven't eaten it yet, but tonight we are eating Red Beans and Rice made with some dried beans, half a thing of sausage in the freezer, some tired celery (very tired), onions and garlic and some bellpepper I froze this summer. We have a motley assortment of rices so it could be Jasmine, Basmati or Brown depending on the quantity.

Like I said earlier, cheese and sour cream, and fresh produce would be nice, but we'll survive a few more days on this. The fridge is pretty empty, but the freezer and pantry are holding out . . . .


Caroline said...

Ooh, I am looking forward to reading your posts this week!

Do Mama Noodles have MSG?

Paula said...

Sadly, they do. The kids and I don't usually eat them, but Tuan is unafraid of MSG and enjoys them wholeheartedly.

When we were at the Asian grocery the other night, I found a large bag containing nothing but MSG! It made me laugh.