retail therapy recovery

So . . . Tuan went to Colorado for a conference last week and I spent the time of separation traveling around visiting family and engaging in retail therapy--aka Christmas shopping. Well, the traveling, shopping, gas buying and eating out drastically depleted the budget. But oh, the fun we had!

Nevertheless, I am compensating by not grocery shopping until Payday--that's Friday. Milk and eggs are the only allowable purchases, because the kiddos need milk and eggs seem to open up so many more possibilities. Can we make it? Will the pantry and freezer stretch that far? I have to say that I'm up for this pantry challenge, but will definitely be fighting the urge to eat out come Thursday. I'll have to share what we pulled out of the box--if we're successful. If not, this blog post may quietly disappear.


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Alli Kat said...

I do these sorts of challenges myself! Although with only Mike and I to feed, it's less challenging and he's more willing to try something I've whipped up with the crumbs from the cracker box and the freezer-burned pork chops. But it's nice because it keeps the fridge/freezer/pantry from accumulating too many old half-used things, and saves lots of money too!

...Which reminds me, those old pork chops need to go in the crockpot with the last apple from the latest batch I bought...