Pantry Challenge Parts V and VI

This is probably the last day since we're going to see family tomorrow and I know we're eating out for lunch on Monday. I've had a lot of fun and since there are so many other demands on our budget at this time of the year, I'll still limit the grocery buying and keep purging the pantry.


Polished off the last of the waffle batter with some syrup/butter and bananas. The kids were so excited to have bananas again!

Elevenses: Tuan came home and cooked up an egg concoction with some cheese and thawed out the last two pieces of bread he found in the freezer.

Lunch: Johnny ate Sunflower Nut Butter and Preserves on a corn tortilla. Aubrey and I ate leftover dumplings. They were even better then!

Supper: We totally caved. It was the right thing to do. The kids had tortillas with SNB and Preserves again (they were too ill for words and needed to go to bed). Tuan went and picked up dominos and sundry beverages, then surprised me with a small pint of ice cream. I love that man.

We all slept in--whoo, hoo! For this meal Johnny discovered the leftover Pizza and we all ate that. (Gotta keep it real, right?) They also enjoyed bananas with theirs.

Pre-nap Saturday Fun: I had the ingredients on hand for a Cranberry-Pecan tart and we had that with coffee and milk. I found this tart recipe in my November Better Homes and Gardens and must say it is a winner! I borrowed Emily's round tart pan and the full recipe made enough for the tart pan and a pie pan. This time only made half a recipe and I do recommend being a bit more generous with the cranberries and pecans than the recipe calls for. You can use regular sugar instead of the powdered and brown sugar the recipe calls for and I encourage you all to try it! The tart pastry was so much easier than pie pastry. I've never cared for Pecan pie, but the cranberries are a magical ingredient that cuts some of the richness. Great with Whipped cream!

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