Pantry Challenge Part IV

We made it through another day! I went to the grocery for shindig supplies and got some juice, milk, bananas, carrots and cheese, but everything else is still coming from the pantry/freezer. Cheese opens up a world of possibilities, I must say.

Breakfast: Homemade Waffles with honey and butter. We felt very festive this morning! Tuan was off to a holiday party without us, so I thought that living well was the best revenge!

Lunch: Lack of bread, solved. PBJ on leftover waffles for the kids and I will not divulge what I ate except to say that I am pregnant and it was there and most of it was nourishing. : )

Supper: Chicken and dumplings! Oh, my. We had a frozen bird. This is one of our favorite foods. The kids had theirs on the side with hoisin sauce for dipping.

I'm going to continue the challenge through the weekend.

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Joey and Elizabeth said...

That is awesome :) My stars, I laughed so hard at your "I am pregnant and it was there and most of it was nourishing" comment!!!